Friday, February 21, 2014

Reviewing Numbers Game (Pre-K/K)

Here's an Easy-Peasy Review Game that requires little preparation but LOTS of Fun (SCORE!)!


1) Flash Cards (this time we reviewed Numbers 0-25)

We Just used the Numbers Flash Cards

How To Play:

Turn cards over (so numbers cannot be seen) and shuffle (if you have a young son he will LOVE to help shuffle!

Flashcards with numbers facing down all shuffled and ready to play!

Now it's time to play (errr...learn)!

Have child pick a flashcard and turn card over and tell you the number.  

If child gets the number correct, celebrate (YAY), high-five, and give the flash card to the child.  

If the children gets the number wrong.  Tell him/her the correct number, and put flashcard back in the pile.

Buddy (nickname for our oldest son) loved collecting his "correct" flashcards in a pile and grinned ear to ear when he had got them all!

Want to make this more difficult?  Just add higher numbers!
Don't have flashcards? Make your own! Or have one of your precious gifts (children) make them! 

Enjoy Learning!


  1. Cool, fun, hands on way to review numbers. Thanks for stopping by and linking up with Toddler Idea Tuesday.
    I just wanted to let you know that your link is not working properly. I tried editing it and for some reason it still doesn't work. I think it may be the (Pre-K) in the URL because it seems to want to search for a page of that name. So, I am just going to leave the link the way it is. Glad to have had a chance to visit your blog.
    Have a great evening.

    1. Thank you for the opportunity to Link Up! I am still learning my way around blogger! I enjoyed perusing your blog <3