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Welcome to our MFW 1st Grade Weekly Wrap-up (we are using the first edition).  If you haven't already, be sure to check out our daily school routine and curriculum here

We have been very busy with doctor appointments, and Ladybug studying to be a Memory Master (Classical Conversations).  

Speaking of busy, be sure to check out my Yummy Beef Tips Recipe.  It's perfect when you're in a time crunch (slow cooker and only 4 ingredients).

Our little Pumpkin is not so little anymore!  He's 23 pounds of pure squishiness!
9 Month Well Check-up.

Buddy and Ladybug waiting ever so patiently for the doctor.

This week, I also found these at our local kids consignment store (really cheap)!!   Ladybug has been reading these to us during snack time.

Without further adieu, here's a look at our MFW 1st Grade Week 7!

Our home school is so popular; we are always getting visitors!

Bible: Our Proverbs for this week is Proverbs 12:18 ("Reckless words pierce like a sword, but the tongue of the wise brings healing").  We discussed how our words can hurt or help others.    

The teacher manual suggested using a band-aid as a visual. A band-aid cannot heal a boo-boo completely, but it helps. Just like the band-aid, our words can't heal, only God can; but they help (or hurt)!  We wrote encouraging words on the band-aids (as suggested in manual) and looked for ways to share those band-aids when we needed some encouraging words.  

We began a Languages of the Bible Activity and Timeline this week too. I have a funny to share with you!  I read to Ladybug and Buddy, "We speak a language called English, but there are many other languages in the world.  Do you know another languages?"  

"Taco?", answered Ladybug.

:) It was too cute!

We discussed that many years ago, when the Bible was first written, it was written in a language called Hebrew (most of the Old Testament).  Here is our first timeline piece (we began our timeline this week).

Genesis 1:1 (written in Hebrew)

The New Testament was first written in Greek.  Here is the Greek Alphabet that Ladybug copied.  She loved the fancy swirls! 

Grammar: Ladybug learned some new vowel sounds this week.  For example, she learned that vowel letters e, i, and u, say /er/ when combined with "r" (as in girl). 

Ladybug's Workbook page

We continued Animal Tales this week. Ladybug was excited to add new pages to her Animal Tales book!.   

At the bottom of the workbook pages is a sentence for the student to read and illustrate.  Ladybug will sometimes add words to her sentence.  Below, is a picture of my favorite Animal Tales of the Week.  The sentence Ladybug was to illustrate read, "The lion has seven lemons".  Ladybug added a few words.

Ladybug wrote, "The baby lion has seven lemon bottles".

Working on her Animal Tales Book

Math: We are using the Complete Book of Math (recommended Math for MFW 1st) and the Teacher Manual suggestions (in front of manual).  This week, we reviewed shapes; and learned how to categorize the shapes with a Venn Diagram.  

Ladybug also opened a cafe (idea from Teacher's Manual) this week.  She made a menu complete with drawings and prices.  And she wrote out tickets using the sample (from Teacher's Manual) and practiced her addition.

Here is a sample of the tickets!  This isn't my picture (I forgot to take one).  Please click here to read the great post about the Cafe (source of picture)!

Science:  This week we discussed "Rivers".  We read from our Science Book (suggested).  We used our DRAW WRITE NOW Animal Habitat Book to see (and draw) some animals who live in rivers.

I found this VERY informational Webpage on Pinterest all about RIVERS!! The following ideas are taken from the webpage.  

The picture above was on the webpage; and I loved the details and color.  It was so helpful to Ladybug and Buddy. I printed and laminated it, so we could keep it as a learning tool.  

The webpage also listed a link to tour the Amazon River!! This was so neat!! Ladybug and Buddy loved this.  We also did a street view of a nearby town and rainforest (near the Amazon).  We spent about 45 minutes in Brazil without leaving our dining room table. :))))

There were a few games on the webpage too; but we didn't check those out.

Ladybug touring the Amazon River :)

We had beautiful weather this week and enjoyed spending our afternoons exploring God's Awesome creation...and shooting rockets...and learning gun safety.  Wow, what a great week this has been!   We hope your week was too!!

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