Monday, April 14, 2014


Welcome to our MFW 1st Grade Weekly Wrap-up (we are using the first edition)!  If you haven't already, be sure to check out our daily school routine and curriculum here.

Yesterday was my birthday!  I'm so thankful to God for the 31 years he has given me, for my godly husband and children.  I was excited to spend the day with my family.  It was great end to the week!

Here's what we did for MFW 1st Grade ~~Week 8~~

Bible: Our Proverbs for this week is Proverbs 12:22 ("The Lord detest lying lips, but he delights in men who are truthful").  We discussed that we are to always be truthful and do the right thing, and Ladybug copied the Proverbs on Day 2 of this week.

This week Ladybug began reading in her Bible Reader and drawing in her Bible Notebook.

Ladybug's Bible Reader

For our Bible activity, we learned that BC stands for before Christ and AD means Anno Domini (Latin for years after Jesus was born).  

Grammar: This week we did not do much of the student workbook pages.  Two of the days, we did the Bible Reader and Notebook.  It was a nice change!  Ladybug did learn long vowel i spelled igh (as in night), and long vowel i spelled y (as in why).

Ladybug's workbook 
Math: We are using the Complete Book of Math (recommended by MFW).  This week we focused on addition!  

Page from the Complete Book of Math

Science: This week we discussed "The Beach" and "Waves".  We would love to be on the beach right now, but that's not possible.  So we brought the beach to our home!  Ladybug and Buddy's grandmother collects seashells.  She was happy to share her collection!  

Our Seashell Collection
One afternoon, Ladybug and Buddy spent over an hour observing the shells.  With a magnifying glass and a small flashlight in hand, they carefully looked at each shell. Ladybug mentioned how each shell is unique and different. What a great reminder that God creates us unique and in His own image!

We used our Draw Write Now Book (Book 6: Animals and Habitats-On Land, Pond, River and Ocean) to look at animals who live on the beach.  

Our pet hermit crab, Grassy, got to "visit" the beach too!

 We also made our own ocean so we could observe waves.  It was easy and fun!  Just save a 2 liter bottle (or you could any size plastic bottle).  Fill with a little water and add food coloring.  Then add cooking oil.  I used vegetable oil (any cooking oil should work).  I filled the bottle with about 1/3 of cooking oil.  It really doesn't take much.  Here's what our "ocean" looked like.  The dark blue is the water and light blue is the oil. 

Ladybug and Buddy added seashells to their ocean

Most waves are made by the wind.

When the wind blows harder, it pushes the ripples until they become waves.

This was a fun, easy school week for us.  We were all thankful for that.  We even made a trip to a nearby river (since we learned about that last week), and we planted a few flowers!

We learned that this River goes through several states and meets the Atlantic Ocean
Ladybug loved planting flowers!

And Strawberries!

Buddy planted cucumbers!

Seeing this picture brings happy tears and a grateful heart. Buddy asked to stroll Pumpkin after we planted flowers. He strolled Pumpkin a few times and when I looked over, he had stopped and bent down to give him a kiss. I am so thankful for the amazing responsibility we have to raise these boys to know God and make Him known.

Have a Great Week!


  1. Looks like a great week! I have fond memories of doing MFW 1st with my son. I'll be repeating it next year too.

    1. Thank you Casey! We are enjoying MFW 1st so much! I am so excited to see you blogged MFW Adventures and MFW K!! We will be beginning those this Fall. YAY!!

  2. As a grandmother I enjoyed reading about your simple, effective homeschooling day!

    1. Thank you so much Donna! I try very hard to keep it simple and Christ-honoring.