Monday, February 23, 2015


Welcome to our MFW 1st Grade Weekly Wrap-up (we are using the first edition)!  If you haven't already, be sure to check out our daily school routine and curriculum choices here.  

If you've visited my blog before, you may have noticed that it has been a LOOOONG time since I've updated my blog (like since last April!!).  

Well, life has been busy around here.  VERY Busy.  And I sensed the need to take a break from blogging. We did home school through September of last year. We took October-December off (this was our Summer break!).    

Also, on my hubby's day off, he has began tutoring at our local Classical Conversations Community in August of 2014. This has us gone from home a full school day.  

As I've mentioned before, my hubby is also a pastor.  And in October, God called us to another church.  And this happened during our "Summer Break".  It was God's perfect timing :)  

We've moved to a new town and are settling into our new home.  AND We are now blessed with a school room in our basement!!  WHOHOO!!  

Here is a little corner of our  newly remodeled school room. This was during renovations.  We still need to add baseboards, but almost done!

This past week, we've been snowed in!  It was nice to be able to catch up on some chores and spend time together as a family. 

We've been trekking through MFW 1st Grade and are ALMOST DONE! :) It thrills me to no end to see Ladybug snuggled in her bed with a book most evenings before bedtime. I am so thankful for MFW 1st Grade, and we look forward to MFW Adventures!!  

So...without further adieu, here is what we did (way baaaack in May 2014 ;) ) for Week 10.

Ladybug's ladybug (Ha!) pillow pet was all smiles during school time!

Bible:  Beginning in Week 9, we began learning the names of the books of the Bible (starting with the Old Testament). 

We've been memorizing the Books of the Bible thanks to a song a friend of mine found.  There are SO many songs out there for memorizing the Books of the Bible (check out YouTube)!  During our family worship time yesterday, Ladybug mentioned how it helps her to find books in the Bible easier since we've learned a song :)

Along with introducing the books, we read brief descriptions of each book.  We got through Ruth during Week 10.  

Our Bible verse for this week was Proverbs 14:30 ("A heart at peace gives life to the body, but envy rots the bones"). We discussed the contrast of a person filled with peace versus a person filled with envy.  Envy zaps life out of a person.  

Ladybug copied her Bible Verse on Day 2 (of Week 10)

During Week 8, we began learning the days of Creation. If you did MFW K, this will look familiar.  Ladybug is enjoying her Bible Reader (which began with the Creation Story)!

Ladybug went over Days 4 & 5 of Creation this week

Grammar: We only used the Workbook a few times this week since we're delving into the Bible Reader.  We went over the sh shound (as in sheep) and the oo sound (spelled u e and ue).  

Top of Workbook page is review from earlier that week (sh sound).  The bottom is what Ladybug went over that day.

Math: We are using Complete Book of Math (CBOM) as recommended by MFW.  We are still working on addition.  

Some of the Math Pages Ladybug worked on this week

Pumpkin wants to add too :)

Science:  For Science this week, we studied "The Sun and the Moon" in MFW recommended science book.  

We learned that the Sun is the star at the center of our Solar System.  The Sun gives us light, heat, and helps to measure years.  In a darkened room, we shined a flashlight (represented the sun) at a globe on the area we lived.  The area that was lit up by the flashlight (sun) demonstrated daytime.  We rotated the globe slowly (to demonstrate how the earth moves).  Then used the globe to show night where we live, and day on the other side of the world. 

We also learned about the Moon.  

The Moon orbits the Earth but is also spinning at the same time

Ladybug spinning the Moon :)

Ladybug and Buddy also drew Astronauts!  

We used our Draw Write Now Book #5 to learn how to draw an Astronaut.  

We made Moon Sand this week too!  This is great to make on a day when you have time (or really need to anyways) to clean your floors.  It is M.E.S.S.Y, but fun!!  It smells good too and makes your hands soft :) 

Super Simple to Make!

To make Moon Sand:  Mix together 4 Cups of flour & 1/2 Cup of Baby Oil

Ladybug adding Baby Oil to the flour

Buddy mixing it together

Ladybug patting the sand down in her pan

We divided the Moon Sand mix into 2 small deep baking pans.  Ladybug and Buddy played for hours!  It was so fun watching them pretend to be on the Moon!  

Buddy was excited to land his rocket on the moon.  And Daddy gave him his old Stars Wars toy to use as a Satellite!! 

My Little Pony moon walking :)

Ladybug helped pack some Moon sand to play with later 

Last but not least, we explored some good books this week too!  

Wow!  This was such a fun week!  Thanks for checking in, and I hope this post is an encouragement and help to you. 

And Thanks for being patient as I update our MFW Weekly First Grade Posts!


Jessica <3

Monday, April 28, 2014


Welcome to our MFW 1st Weekly Wrap-up (we are using the first edition)!  If you haven't already, be sure to check out daily school routine and curriculum choices here.

We had a great weekend and wonderful Resurrection (Easter) Day!  We were up early Sunday morning for our Sunrise Service at church.  Jesus is RISEN and Alive!!  As believers in Christ, we are dead to our sin and made alive in Christ!  We are new Creations in Christ! Praise the Lord!  I pray that your family had a blessed Easter as well!

Here's what we did for MFW 1st Grade ~~Week 9~~

Ladybug and her Puppy Dog, "Boppy", ready to start a new Week!

One detail about our "school days" I've not shared is our schedule.  This was birthed from my need to have a visual schedule in front of me, and Buddy's constant question, "Mommy, when is snack time?"  :)

This has been a  huge help for me "staying on target".  If I know Pumpkin (our youngest) will be waking up soon from a nap, I can re-work the schedule to make sure we cover what we "REALLY need to.  Plus, Ladybug and Buddy like knowing what we are doing for that day.  I deviate from time to time, and thats ok.  Just as long we know when snack time is, we are ok.  :)

Buddy likes to "change the schedule too".  He especially likes switching "Circle Time" with "Snack Time" :)

Bible: Our Bible verse for this week is Proverbs 13:1 ("A wise son heeds his father's instruction, but a mocker does not listen to rebuke").  We discussed it's important to obey our parents (Eph. 6:1).  This verse also implies that fathers (and mothers) instruct their children in wisdom, and true wisdom comes from God.

We began learning Days of Creation (review if you did MFW Kindergarten) in Week 8 (we did Day 1 of Creation) and got through Day 3 of Creation (during Week 9).  

Ladybug's Bible Notebook
Each Day we study Creation, Ladybug adds what God created on that day.
Here, she has added up to Day 5!  Do you know what God created on the 5th Day of Creation?

Ladybug and Buddy also got new Bibles this week.  They were very excited to "read" in their Bibles during Bible Time each day. 

I love this picture!  After I took their picture, Ladybug and Buddy both started "reading".  It was so precious.  Oh, that our children would walk in the truth of God's Word.  

This week, we've also began learning the names of the books of the Bible.  Every time we learn a new book, we briefly discuss what's in the book. 

Grammar: We've been using the Student Workbook every other day now since we've added in the Bible Reader.  This week, Ladybug learned about syllables, long vowel e spelled y (as in pony), and consonant sound ch (as in church)  

Ladybug's workbook page 

Ladybug made a Cheese Booklet to practice handwriting and the consonant sound ch.  

Last week, the teacher's manual listed an activity we weren't able to get to.  Our activity was to write a letter to a family member of friend.  This is something we do frequently as I've found this to be a great way for all of us to be involved in my husband's ministry (Hubby is a Pastor).
Our church members LOVE getting cards from our children and it teaches our children to think of others before themselves. 

Ladybug's card to a sweet home bound church member

Buddy decided to write a thank you card to his Papa.  When I showed him the cards I had, so he could choose one to use, he said, "Where's the boy cards"? 

Note to self: Buy "boy cards"! :)

Math: We are using the Complete Book of Math (as recommended by MFW) and are still learning about addition. As I said in previous posts, we are behind "technically" in our Math pages, but are catching up!  One new addition concept Ladybug learned is addition sentences. 

Here is a page of Addition Sentences from the Complete Book of Math that Ladybug did this week!

This concept REALLY confused Ladybug at first.  We tried different methods and finally found something that worked for her!

We used pencils to help understand the addition sentences!

Ladybug is working on the problem listed above (      + 3    =   6  )
She took 3 pencils and then figured out how many more she needed to get the sum (6).  This visual aid HELPED so much!

Science: For Science this week, we discussed "Under the Sea" (ocean life)!  During snack time one day, we "dived" into our science book, and learned about the thousands of different animals that live under the sea.  

And after snack time, we went scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef!!

Just kidding...sort of!  In Week 7, I wrote about using Google Maps to explore the Amazon River.  This week, we explored the Oceans using Google Ocean Maps!  Here's a "commercial" I found on Pinterest about the Google Map Ocean Projects! Ladybug and Buddy (and me) were amazed at the close-up encounters of sea life and the beautiful coral.  What an adventure!  I can't wait to visit again :)  

Since we were "under the sea", we decided to look more closely at one of the ocean's mysterious creatures - the jellyfish!  Jellyfish are found in every ocean, from the surface to the deep sea.  Some have even been found in freshwater.  Did you know that jellyfish aren't really fish at all?!?  They belong to the group of invertebrates (animals with no backbone) and are related to corals and amemones. Fish are vertebrates, because they do have backbones.  In addition to no bones, jellyfish have no brains, blood, gills or heart.  Their bells (jellyfish's round, umbrella-like bodies) can reach 8 feet across, and their tentacles can be more than 200 feet long! Most jellyfish have see-through bells in all sorts of colors. Some even glow in the dark!

Buddy and Ladybug measure out 8 feet to see how wide a jellyfish's bell can get

Ladybug and Buddy made a cute (simple) jellyfish craft!  We used left-over coffee filters and stacked them together. Ladybug and Buddy painted the top of their coffee filters. After the filters dried, we attached ribbon using tape to the bottom.  

Look out for those jellyfish tentacles, Ladybug!

Lastly, we discussed how the ocean is salt water and did a simple experiment.

How to make an egg float?  Eggs will float in salt water (fresh water on left and salt water on right) because salt water is more dense that the egg.

We've had a GREAT Week 9 using My Father's World.   We are enjoying the memories we are making, the laughs we are sharing and the Adventures we are having! 

Have a blessed week!

Just had to share, here's a few pictures of Pumpkin (our youngest) who just turned 10 months today!

Pumpkin loves sweet potatoes!


I've had several inquiries about where I got the schedule we use.  Particularly, if there was a printable (s) for the schedule. Yes, there are printables and they are FREE!!  I found the printables online at

Here is the weekly grid printable.  I printed out one copy of each day, laminated each and put them on book rings (see above picture of Buddy holding the schedule to get a visual). 

Here are the picture cards that go on the grid.  I printed, laminated and cut out the ones we would use.  I put velcro on the backs and velcro on the weekly grid.

The purpose of the schedule is to use with workboxes (which we do have and use).  But we try to keep it simple!  I just use it as a schedule, so I don't put velcro on the workboxes.  

Hope that Helps!!  

Monday, April 14, 2014


Welcome to our MFW 1st Grade Weekly Wrap-up (we are using the first edition)!  If you haven't already, be sure to check out our daily school routine and curriculum here.

Yesterday was my birthday!  I'm so thankful to God for the 31 years he has given me, for my godly husband and children.  I was excited to spend the day with my family.  It was great end to the week!

Here's what we did for MFW 1st Grade ~~Week 8~~

Bible: Our Proverbs for this week is Proverbs 12:22 ("The Lord detest lying lips, but he delights in men who are truthful").  We discussed that we are to always be truthful and do the right thing, and Ladybug copied the Proverbs on Day 2 of this week.

This week Ladybug began reading in her Bible Reader and drawing in her Bible Notebook.

Ladybug's Bible Reader

For our Bible activity, we learned that BC stands for before Christ and AD means Anno Domini (Latin for years after Jesus was born).  

Grammar: This week we did not do much of the student workbook pages.  Two of the days, we did the Bible Reader and Notebook.  It was a nice change!  Ladybug did learn long vowel i spelled igh (as in night), and long vowel i spelled y (as in why).

Ladybug's workbook 
Math: We are using the Complete Book of Math (recommended by MFW).  This week we focused on addition!  

Page from the Complete Book of Math

Science: This week we discussed "The Beach" and "Waves".  We would love to be on the beach right now, but that's not possible.  So we brought the beach to our home!  Ladybug and Buddy's grandmother collects seashells.  She was happy to share her collection!  

Our Seashell Collection
One afternoon, Ladybug and Buddy spent over an hour observing the shells.  With a magnifying glass and a small flashlight in hand, they carefully looked at each shell. Ladybug mentioned how each shell is unique and different. What a great reminder that God creates us unique and in His own image!

We used our Draw Write Now Book (Book 6: Animals and Habitats-On Land, Pond, River and Ocean) to look at animals who live on the beach.  

Our pet hermit crab, Grassy, got to "visit" the beach too!

 We also made our own ocean so we could observe waves.  It was easy and fun!  Just save a 2 liter bottle (or you could any size plastic bottle).  Fill with a little water and add food coloring.  Then add cooking oil.  I used vegetable oil (any cooking oil should work).  I filled the bottle with about 1/3 of cooking oil.  It really doesn't take much.  Here's what our "ocean" looked like.  The dark blue is the water and light blue is the oil. 

Ladybug and Buddy added seashells to their ocean

Most waves are made by the wind.

When the wind blows harder, it pushes the ripples until they become waves.

This was a fun, easy school week for us.  We were all thankful for that.  We even made a trip to a nearby river (since we learned about that last week), and we planted a few flowers!

We learned that this River goes through several states and meets the Atlantic Ocean
Ladybug loved planting flowers!

And Strawberries!

Buddy planted cucumbers!

Seeing this picture brings happy tears and a grateful heart. Buddy asked to stroll Pumpkin after we planted flowers. He strolled Pumpkin a few times and when I looked over, he had stopped and bent down to give him a kiss. I am so thankful for the amazing responsibility we have to raise these boys to know God and make Him known.

Have a Great Week!